Top 5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Barbecue Stand Out 

By Madi Garner

Summer may be coming to a close, but that’s no reason you can’t squeeze in one more backyard barbecue. With Gourmet Kitchn’s help, you’ll have all your necessities in less than 48 hours. 

The Classic 

You can’t go wrong with the iconic burger and hot dog duo, especially when you’ve got the grill out. For this classic, check out Happy to Meat You’s jumbo dogs.

As for burgers, you can’t go wrong with their Mother Chucker patties. The perfectly balanced blend of Prime Chuck & Outside Skirt to produce one of the most incredibly flavorful burgers ever!

The true BBQ

Alright, so burgers and dogs are delicious for a grill out, but where’s the actual BBQ? Well, let us suggest Gourmet Kitchn’s 5-hour slow-smoked baby back ribs to cure this hankering. Pair this with our six slow-smoked BBQ Amish chicken drumsticks, served with BBQ sauce and you’ll have your guests’ plates piling high. 

Add some Chicago Spice 

This Italian Beef is tried and true to its Chicago roots, having been sold to famed Chicagoland restaurants and enjoyed by Chicagoans for years. Juicy, tender, and oh so delicious it’s the perfect unique addition to your next gathering no matter where you are in the country. 

The best food in America? 

Try shaking things up from your classic dog, and check out this Pork & Uncured Bacon Sausage instead. Winner of Esquire Magazines ‘Best Food in America’, it will undoubtedly elevate your gathering to a similar impressive status. 

Don’t forget the vegans

We must not leave out vegan and vegetarian friends in the dust. Luckily, nowadays we have tons of simple options that don’t involve meat. From Beyond Burgers to sausage patties and much more.

Sauce it up!

Nothing says good food like a good sauce. Try this gluten-free conglomeration of all 7 Chicago dog necessities, packed into one delicious sauce, the delicious and well-known Wahlburgers Sauce, and much more.

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