Top 4 In-Person Office Party Ideas

By Madi Garner

It can be hard enough settling back into the physical office space. You may be asking yourself, how do I bring fun back to the workplace? What are the best ways to engage my employees as we return to in-person? Our answer? Food.

So here are the best back to work office party ideas, and the delicious foods you should include with them, all of which we can deliver to your office’s doorstep within 48 hours. 

Team Brunch

Forget lunch, today’s day in age is all about the brunch. Stock up on your croissants and gourmet pastries. This is also the perfect time to venture outside your comfort zone and try something new, like Spanakopita; a delicious, flaky, handmade Greek snack. 

Office Happy Hour

Need a perfect happy hour pairing? 

Happy hour keeps the team happy. But no office happy hour is complete without finger-foods to graze on. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the ever-trendy charcuterie and cheese board. Some red wine on the menu? Bruschetta is the perfect Italian compliment. And it wouldn’t be happy hour without a classic chips and salsa

Team Bonding

Looking for some extra team bonding?

While these pizza meal kits are perfect for families, we also think they are the most delicious way to encourage team bonding. Might we suggest a friendly competition of which company team can chef up the most delicious pizza? 

Summer BBQ

And how about the summer team BBQ?

There’s only a few months left of summer, which means it’s time to get that company summer BBQ on the calendar. Use this as an opportunity to show off your skills on the grill, and indulge in high-quality, gourmet meats and veggies. From baby-back ribs, to bacon sausage, it’s easy to go beyond the barbecue cliches. 

Don’t forget to include your vegan and vegetarian coworkers by incorporating one of the many meatless “meat” options. 

Stock the office 

So, you’ve thrown your parties, happy hours, and barbecues (all smashing successes thanks to the ease of Gourmet Kitchn’s fast food delivery) and now you’re looking to stock the office with some essentials. Let us share some of our faves: 

Sabatasso’s Pizza: made in Italy and ready to remain fresh in your freezer until party time. Gluten free options are available as well. 

Uncrustables: Can’t go wrong with this nostalgic lunchtime staple. 
Taquitos: Snack with ease, and enjoy this surprisingly healthy treat.

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