Welcome to our Storefront Builder!

You can use one of the current storefronts as a guide so you can visualize what we will be building with your assets and copy. Like this one: https://www.gourmetkitchn.com/hot-cakes-bakery/

There are four sections to your storefront: Hero, About Us, Products, Customer Reviews.

Hero — This section can be a static image as seen in the Hot Cakes storefront. You can also add a logo and text overlays to turn the hero into a carousel as seen on Big Fork’s page: https://www.gourmetkitchn.com/big-fork/

Dimensions for each image (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) are listed in the storefront builder.

About Us — In the about us, you have space available to present your brand message to your customers, add your website link and social media links. You can also add an image or video.

Products — The product section will list the items you sell. For each product page, you can add multiple images (the feature image is a 1×1). You have room to add a short description (product highlights) and a long description.

Customer Reviews — This section can be static or a carousel where you add background images and text reviews.

The top section of your store features hero images for the background and optional copy & logo placement. This section can be static or display up to 4 slides in a carousel. In order to ensure your images look good on all devices, please include high res images for each device.

Note: When formatting your images, keep important elements away from the edges as not all devices have the same exact screen size. This is similar to bleed in printing.

Add a message to your customers about your brand and an image or short video, as well as your domain & social media links.

Add some social proof with 1 – 6 customer testimonials.