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One Degree Organic Sprouted Rolled Oats, 3 Pack (5 lb Each)


  • ROLLED OATS ARE PERFECT FOR BAKING- Make great additions to recipes, like breading for dinner or cookies for baking.
  • LESS PROCESSED, RICHER TASTE- These grains are sprouted, meaning that they are just entering the germination process. It’s when they can release the optimal amount of nutrients.
  • EASE THE DIGESTION PROCESS- Gluten-free, sprouted rolled oats are easier to absorb.
  • ONLY CLEAN, NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Every ingredient is organic and grown in a sustainable manner using only plant-based cultivation methods with only plant-based fertilizers.
  • HEALTHY, SAFE FOOD- If you care about healthy food for a healthy planet, One Degree products are definitely for you.
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