Whole-Food, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Organic Meals

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Healthy and Delicious Organic, Whole-Food, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Meals.

Planti Meals is a whole food plant based, gluten free food producer. We strive to make healthy easy and delicious. All of our items sold here freeze well so you can have them when you are ready and avoid waste. Give us a try today!

Visit us at www.plantimeals.com

Erin M.

“Planti Meals are delicious! I love how nutritious and filling they are. Planti’s deliveries are reliable each day. I never get the afternoon slump after eating Planti Meals! As a working professional, it’s nice to know that making lunches each day is taken care of — one less item on my to-do-list. Planti Meals gives me more energy and is healthier for me than ordering food elswhere.”

Julie E

“Planti Meals is the best. I am a personal trainer in the area and I know that NOTHING gets accomplished on accident. If you want to eat healthy, DELICIOUS, and convenient food, try out Planti. One of my clients switched out his lunches for Planti and lost 6lbs in 1 wkke! Trust me, when I say Planti is delicious. Your health will thank you for trying Planti. Plus! It keeps you full for hours, and in my experience, longer than a cheeseburger and fries! Also did you know that the chef prepares the meals THAT same day?!”

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