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Guilt-Free Indulgence, Ready To Eat, In Seconds.

When hunger strikes, it’s time for Nom Noms! Mouth-watering, clean, world cuisine that’s ready to eat in seconds! Imagine having delicious lunches and dinners, inspired by flavors of the world, just waiting for you to eat, anytime – no prep, cooking, or cleaning needed. Nom Noms 100% guilt-free, with no additives or preservatives, and boosted with superfoods, high in protein, and all 100% locally-made with real, natural ingredients. Plus, for every product purchased, a hungry child eats for free, and is kept off the streets and in school to gain an education. Nom Noms World Food is the 42-time award-winning brainchild of Lisa Sohanpal, who is committed to proving that fast can be good for you, convenient can be healthy, and changing the lives of people in need can be as easy as eating. Nom Noms dreams to have 10 million meals donated to children in need by 2021 and are launching in the USA with a bang.

Visit us at www.nomnomsworldfood.com

Products from Nom Noms World Food

“Yummy and easy! My life is super busy, and I love frozen meals due to the convenience. Sometimes I have to give up on the healthy choice over convenience, but I don’t have to give it up now!”


“Being a vegetarian, I tried the Mediterranean falafel wrap. I was pleasantly surprised actually. This wrap was super delicious. It was filling too! I have tried other all natural wraps in the past, and they just do not compare. This wrap had just the right amount of flavor and packed with healthy ingredients. I feel good knowing that I am fueling my body with nutrients, supporting a family owned business, and essentially giving a meal to a less fortunate child. I would highly recommend this product.”


“I’m extremely happy with these high protein wraps they are my new go to. Easy quick and delicious not to mention healthy exotic high protein wraps we had the Mexican chicken fajita wraps for a quick and easy delicious dinner.”


“So so good!! Makes delicious wraps for lunch. I made my kids lunch and all 3 of them told me it was their new favorite wraps and not to buy the old ones anymore.”


“My husband loves to eat wraps and when he tried these he fell in love with it. Said it has a great taste. Like if making it yourself and fresh.”


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