We Didn’t Invent Pie, We Reimagined It!

Using the same ingredients and recipe that her mother and grandmother used, Kara Romanik took a family favorite and turned it into a fully baked business plan, bringing handheld, pocket-size pies to home kitchens throughout the country. Mamie’s Pies even won the stamp of approval from Oprah! These are the perfect freezer staple to have on hand when your sweet tooth hits you — just bake or air fry for a hot, perfectly crisp pie in minutes. Flash-frozen at peak freshness and free of preservatives, Mamie’s Pies bring the delicious flavors of wild Maine blueberries, crisp McIntosh apples or tart Michigan cherries to the forefront of your palate.

No forks are needed here — the extra flaky, 7-layer crust keeps everything together in these tasty desserts. Pro-tip: Brush with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon for a little something extra, or try using a milk wash to give it a rustic, golden-brown crust. It all started with a school fundraiser. In 2013, Kara’s daughter’s school dance was on the verge of being canceled from a lack of funding, so Kara put on her PTA baker’s cap and jumped into action, selling her family’s favorite full-size pies to raise money. It’s safe to say that the pies were a hit; they not only saved a school formal but launched the start of Mamie Pie’s as a business. Kara quickly adjusted her recipe to create a better year-round dessert in smaller portion sizes, using fruit molds to shape her pies with a fun twist. Made with love and simple, sustainably sourced ingredients, it didn’t take long for Mamie’s Pies to create buzz. Today, Kara continues to grow and expand her business, with the ultimate goal of bringing the homemade taste of New England to an even greater audience.

Visit us at mamiespies.com

Mamie’s Pies reviews

“The best pies I have ever eaten, said my wife who is a tough critic. Yes, I agreed with her. The taste is great and there is just enough for 1 serving in each pie. I will be placing an order to send out to my relatives. Way to go with the most awesome pies we ever had.”

Ronald Hodgkinson

“Just What I Wanted! These little pies were just what I’d been craving – delicious, lots of fruit filling, not too sweet, a perfectly sized portion and easy to make just one in my toaster oven without heating up the whole kitchen. Sometimes when buying variety packs of other items one kind will be my favorite and there will be some I don’t really care for – not the case here. All four flavors are yummy!”

Robin D.

“Best hand/Pocket pies I’ve ever had! This was my first time trying Mamie’s Pies and I was not disappointed. They really have real fruit in the pies. And the flaky crust is amazing too. I will be telling all my friends and family about Mamie’s Pies. And now I know what to get everyone for Christmas this year and for years to come.”

Michael Mayer

“Instant Family Favorite Mamie’s pies are now a family favorite! We can split two Mamie’s pies between the four of us with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We have an air frier, which I think these things were made for, because in 10 min from freezer to fork, we get delicious piping hot toasted pies. Thank you!”

Kevin Weiler

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