Best Fall Comfort Meals

By Madi Garner

Fall has officially arrived! That means fold up those swimsuits and bring out the funky winter sweaters. Pumpkin spice has officially hit the shelves and apple cider might as well be a national drink. Unfortunately, delicious drinks alone are not enough to warm us up as the sun waves goodbye. So let’s check out some of the coziest fall foods.

Let’s start with a classic, and just about everyone’s favorite. Soup season is here and it’s here to stay. Looking to maintain that summer bod? Skinny Souping has your covered with ready-to-eat, plant-based soups packed with nutrients. And while gluten-based products may seem innately comforting, Da Luciano’s has us covered with some delicious gluten-free soups.

Nothing says warmth and comfort like the feeling of devouring a delicious bowl of pasta (although, you could argue the same could be said for just about any Italian food). Whether that be cheese ravioli, a delicious penne rigate, or keeping it simple with traditional mac and cheese, these noodle-based meals are bound to keep you cozy.

Now we’ve covered soup…what about chowder? That’s the same! You may protest, but we disagree. The best chowder is thicker and creamier- basically screaming that it’s the ideal fall dish. Why not start this season off with a class clam chowder.

Nothing says American comfort food like the modern meatloaf. Cousin to the dutch meatball, it’s the perfect comfort food. Check out Gourmet Kitchn’s very own turkey meatloaf.

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